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About the program


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About my program:

I offer weekly lessons on both traditional and baroque violin; four Saturday morning group classes covering note reading, music theory, rhythm development, and informal performance opportunities; public performance opportunities at local nursing homes and assisted living homes. No extra costs are charged for these extra classes and performance opportunities as they are covered by the lesson tuition.  

Hints on practicing:

It is important that the student practice the material taught in the lesson every day and come in to the following lesson with this new material fully learned. This requires daily practice and a determined attitude. I found it helpful both as a student myself and as a parent of two daughters to have a place in the home set up with a music stand and a shelf or table where all music books and a weekly notebook are kept. This place becomes the student's workplace where he/she knows it is time to work. It is also helpful to structure into every day the times when practicing is to take place. That way the student doesn't have to wonder when or if he/she will practice. It is a good idea for the parent to work all of this out before the first lesson so that the student can go home from his/her first lesson excited about his/her place and can get to work. Hopefully the student is self-motivated and inspired to put in this work and will be proud of him/herself, but if not, this is where creativity from the parent can help. Games, positive feedback, rewards, perhaps collaborating with another student in weekly prize musical playdates...whatever works for your child!