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            My daughter began taking violin lessons when she was 3, but by the time she reached middle school I felt that her progress had stagnated.  I thought that perhaps changing to a new teacher would give her a jump-start in her playing, and Susan Bedell was recommended to me.  After hearing Susan play, I could quickly hear the difference in the quality of her playing from Emma’s former teacher, and I knew that I wanted that sound for Emma as well.

            I immediately noticed the difference in Susan’s approach to teaching.  Instead of focusing on progressing through the literature as quickly as possible, Susan worked patiently with Emma on the smallest details of her playing:  bow hold, intonation, and the mechanics of moving the bow arm; small details that made a huge difference over time in the quality of Emma’s sound.  Susan constantly found new ways to describe and demonstrate the motions she wanted Emma to implement, and no matter how long it took to achieve the result she never lost her calm determination and resolve to help Emma play well.  Over the years, Susan became a good friend to Emma, one whom she still visits when she returns home from college.

            When Emma graduated, I decided to take violin lessons myself, and there was never any question about who I wanted for my teacher.  I have been playing with Susan for a year now, and as I try to put into action the same lessons I observed with Emma I can hear myself gradually make progress with my sound as well.  I have come to appreciate the difficulty of playing the violin well, but I know that I am in the best hands with Susan’s teaching and come away from each lesson inspired to practice hard, and knowing that with her support I will progress towards my goal of playing well.


Elizabeth Godwin-Jones

Richmond, Virginia

August 16, 2010



Susan Bedell is absolutely amazing in diagnosing issues with violin technique and prescribing effective strategies to resolve them.  She has been extremely supportive and encouraging to me as I attempt to correct all the bad habits I’ve developed over several decades from having had no classical training.  Her teaching style is very demanding, but filled with a true passion for music and a sincere love for helping others.  My sessions with her are always enlightening.   I highly recommend her to any violin student who is serious about learning to play the violin expressively and accurately. 

Heidi Csallner

Violinist, Petersburg Symphony Orchestra

Fiddler, Smokey Divas

Instructor, Chesterfield County Public Schools and Richmond Music